Get to know the San Jose Office! 4/29

As a few of you may know already, we have officially opened up a second location for TBC in San Jose! It is fully equipped with five offices, a conference room, an employee break room, and ten parking spots specifically for our use. Now, I know what you’re all thinking: why did we get an office in San Jose when we’re building our dream office in Novato? Well, Thompson Builders has a habit of taking jobs that are all over Northern California. We especially want to take advantage of the job market in Silicon Valley and the South Bay, and having an office down there will not only make that easier, but also provide us better opportunities to serve the market and our clients even better than before. Our current plans with this new office is to station Chris and Wendie Van Tiem, Michael Cleveland, Jared Austin, and Tommy McGuire there, seeing as they’ve made their homes and work in the area!

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